About Us

Kujo's Kid Zone Inc.

Founded in 2019, Kujo's Kid Zone (KKZ) began with a vision to produce quality learning videos
and educational materials for preschoolers and their parents. The goal was to also promote BIPOC
representation including Kujo, a fun, smart and friendly Black, bilingual Canadian host.

Our journey brought us to create 41 original episodes of our inaugural show, featuring Kujo,
puppets Adjoa and Kweku, special guests, questioning kids and lots of stories, experiments and adventures.

The show also allowed us to promote diversity, unity, respect and self-love, encouraging acceptance of differences
and the opportunity to expand a child's ideas about the world. Our learning tenets are based on the
Early Childhood learning approach of Reggio Emilia. This allows children to ask questions while
discovering the answer through curiosity, play, and conversation.

In 2021, KKZ received funding from Shaw Rocket Fund to update its show concept.
Hey, Kujo! is an updated version of our show, which takes place in a diverse an bustling
community centre with some familiar faces and new friends.

The new show episodes, learning materials and events will be coming soon!

Our Achievements

- Promotion of inclusion, cultural diversity, community, and self-love including Black History, Indigenous peoples, Pride, and more
- Combination of live-action, puppetry, animation, and special effects
- Timeless, evergreen concepts with a modern cultural twist
- Over 1 million views on YouTube, KiDoodle.tv , and Sensical.tv.
- Expansive media coverage including CTV, CBC, and Global TV
- Produced in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Local cast and crew
- Calgary Black Chambers Achievement Award Winner
- Shaw Rocket Fund Recipient - Production: Digital Stream
- Government of Canada Black Led Organization Grant Recipient
- Calgary’s Top 20 Calgarians (Calgary Herald 2020)
- 2022 recipient of Telus Storyhive Grant

Our Mission

To ignite the imagination of every child and parent on the planet and empower them to gain knowledge through our instruction—delivered with warmth, friendliness, and creativity.

Our Vision

To be a trusted, reliable and top educational source for children, to inspire a generation of transformational leaders to be pillars in their respective community.