Exciting News!

Hey, Kujo! is launching 15 new stories for broadcast beginning December 2023.
Some highlight episodes include:

- How Can I Get to the Moon?
(featuring Jeanette Epps, NASA Astronaut!)
- What Country Does the Pride Flag Come From?
- What Hairstyle is Best for Me?
- Why Are You Different?
- Alors en Dance?
- Is Kwanzaa like Christmas?


Discover who works with Kujo at the Community Centre!

Kujo, Community Centre Manager

In Ghanian culture, the name Kujo means 'born on a Monday'. And like Mondays, Kujo looks at things with a fresh outlook.

He believes that questions are the best way for children to explore the diverse world around them to become who they are meant to be. He loves helping them find answers.

With his trademark red glasses, cool air and African dashiki, Kujo brings a curious and fun approach to learning about his neighbourhood while embracing and celebrating differences.

He invites all children to 'ask questions of the world so you can learn to be kind, be brave, be curious, and most importantly, Be Yourself!'