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Legal and Privacy Policy

Kujo’s Kid Zone Inc. is a privately held corporation in the province of Alberta, Canada. It strives to provide quality educational programming content for a global public, including children and adults, teachers, early childhood educators, students and guardians. As a visitor, your privacy is important to us. We recognize that everyone, including children and their parents/guardians, need additional privacy protection on our show, as well as our website.

Your trust, as well as your privacy are important to us. From time to time, we may offer and receive information about our users, including requests from children and parents to contribute questions for the show, such as science, social, nature, food, etc,), and our cast and crew will endeavour to answer these within the framework of the program. This is a distinct aspect of our show where we invite children to drive the education content of our programming.

This means a child’s recorded question can be presented to our producers via video (sent via email or other secure digital transfer means), with the child’s first name, and age (identifying location, such as city/province/state/country—is optional but not mandatory) and the inquiring question. Children can also send questions via email/text if a parent does not want the child to be visually identified.  

We will also recognize that YouTube, as the primary broadcast platform for the show, follows its own protocols for privacy and accessibility. It is recommended that parents learn the controls of YouTube in order manage the viewing limitations and opportunities of their children. Visit Safe Search for Kids for more information.

Our privacy policy is guided by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, which recognizes there are unique considerations when it comes to children being online as visitors and participants. As well, we also respect the United States’ Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, and data privacy laws of both Canada and the USA.

Inform and Consent

Younger visitors are encouraged to inform their parents or guardians if they enter into the Kujo’s Kid Zone or any other website or mobile site/application, such as YouTube, etc., where our show is hosted or broadcast.

We also encourage families, especially parents and guardians, to discuss the risks of sharing their child’s personal information on any website or program, such as Kujo’s Kid Zone. For those who choose to share their child’s image, name to have their children participate in our program via digital video upload of questions for our show, we will take the following steps to ensure they understand and agree to the terms by which we use this information:

  1. Before we utilize any information from any children for our show, we will require your email address, which is solely managed by two operating officers of Kujo’s Kid Zone Inc., and will be responded to immediately to confirm your identity as a parent/guardian, as well as the child’s identity as well.
  2. We will not use any contributions by you or your child(ren) without your review and signature of our Consent to Photography/Video/Photo Release Authorization Form in PDF format or Word Format — Locate these links on the CONTACT page of this site. – We encourage parents to review and sign this document and send back to to use and safe storage. This document specifies what we use the imagery, videos, photos, comments, and child-contributed content (artwork, stories, quotes, etc.) and the consent to use these images representing you or your children.
  3. We will also ensure we explain in detail how your child’s information/content will be utilized and distributed. If at any time a parent/guardian objects or had concerns about how the content is utilized, we will communicate and discuss alternatives, alterations or deletions.
  4. We will not sell or share personal information (email, name, address, phone number), of any child or parent who participates in the program, other than what the parent allows (video request or other participation in a live and recorded on-site event, episode, interview or photography).
  5. Any content contributed by a parent/child is securely kept on servers in-house, and are not accessible outside our organization. In case of a security breach, we will inform parents of an incident immediately.
  6. Technical and other process measures to prevent the unauthorized use of children’s information are also put in place with visiting our website or sharing video information for our show, including monitoring third-parties to live up to their contractual obligations. We will also prevent the placement of cookies that can be used to track and respond to behavioural activities (purchases, information sharing), resulting in unwanted advertising and communications by third parties. We do not allow such tracking measures to be used.

Parental consent, user consent, access, and deletion.

Our website does not collect personal information, so we are unable to identify your identity or that of your child, unless otherwise sent via our company email for contributions to our program. We will however, fulfill modification, access, correction, deletion requests if requested by the parent/guardian or other legal representation

If you choose to contribute your child’s name, age, and question for an episode, we will endeavor to obtain a parent or legal guardian’s consent before doing so or otherwise comply with privacy laws of Canada. We will not store or keep this personal information for longer than necessary, other than storage of episodes for future use. If a parent decides that the child should not longer be represented in an episode, they need to contact us immediately, and we can remove the child’s request and subsequently change the episode content.

Parents or legal guardians may also want us to stop collecting account or personal information of a child (video, letter, photography), and upon request, we can delete it immediately, as long as the parent/guardian can verify their identity/relationships to the child(ren).

Consent Deadline: When parental consent is required, Kujo’s Kid Zone administrators, we will delete a child’s personal information if the parent’s consent is not received within a reasonable amount of time (in this case, 14 days from the date of receipt and response to a parental/child video or question submission.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to creating a safe and secure environment that family members of all ages can enjoy. We do not collect information that, on its own, directly identifies your child, either as a visitor to the site, as a member of our site, or as a contributor to the show.

We recognize and fully that we are bound to adhere to the personal privacy laws of Canada, which protect young children and their guardians/parents from their information being shared, altered or sold to third parties.

Our legal and privacy policy describes how we use, share, and protect information that we collect from you and your child, who may be under the age of 13 or 18, through websites, applications, video request uploads, emails, letters, or any online services that Kujo’s Kid Zone provides. Therefore, this policy applies to the classification of ‘services’.

If we choose to conduct surveys or studies to understand our markets better, we will do so based on separate policy, and will be identified at the launch of any study to inform participants of risks. This legal and privacy policy may not govern the processing of survey and research data. We encourage you to be coming familiar with all our policies, which will be located within our website.

What information do we collect?

  • Contact information. We ask parents to provide their email address so they may access certain services, receive requests, letters, video questions from children, and/or receive show suggestions that are potential subjects for Kujo’s Kid Zone content.
  • User name and password for account creation. If we choose to add an e-commerce or membership aspect to our site, we will collect and keep safe a user name and password, if an account is created. Passwords will be encrypted, and parents are encouraged to monitor any child activities with such account. We will monitor and moderate usernames in order to prevent you or your child(ren) from using personal/private information to create such an account.
  • Our website collects metrics such as number of visitors, click rates, etc.  We do not collect your geo-location information, other than your mailing address (if required) including postal or zip codes.
  • Our website offers search field that provides you a way to search the site for specific services. We collect information about what subjects you search for, which will assist us in monitoring content and providing you with what you need to receive additional information and services.
  • Your content contribution, such as comments, questions, video requests, emails, etc., that are uploaded and/or posted through our website platform or company email. We do not collect personal information in order to maintain a safe environment. Any photos, videos and other identifying items are moderated and securely stored, and will not be shared by third parties, other than for broadcast, which is pre-approved by contributing parents. 
  • Letters, emails and messages you send to Kujo’s Kid Zone. We may or will store all correspondence related to our show/services, with no intention of sharing, unless otherwise identified and permissible by parents to use on our show.
  • Device information. Our website may detect the types of devices that are being used to access our site content, including phones, tablet, computer, etc. This will only be used to determine how the site is being viewed and to assist us with enhancing the viewing experience.

What we do not collect.

  • Personal information of any child or adult individual unwillingly or unwittingly, unless offered and approved by a parent/guardian. If this is the case, we will obtain a parent or legal guardian’s consent and to comply with child privacy laws.
  • We will not use children’s personal information we collect, if any, for marketing or online advertising.

How we use the information we collect.

  • Contribute to the direction of each episode, as children’s questions drive the subject of each show.  
  • Your IP address is stored in a local cookie. You can disable this in your chosen browser settings.
  • Provide parents and educators promotional, educational or show materials, with permission, and an option to unsubscribe at any time.
  • Analyze how you use our website, in order to update and improve our content, such as tracking which sections/pages and browsers are popular, how long you stay and how frequently you visit the sites, and in the case of social media/third party links, determining where you arrived from to our site.
  • Assist is in streamlining our services and content to better serve you and your child.
  • Provide you with notifications pursuant to our legal obligations, including in the case of a data breach or other incident.
  • Prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities and enforce this Terms of Use, Legal and Privacy Policy; and
  • For any other purposes disclosed to you or your child at the time we collect the information or based to your consent.

Sharing information we collect.

We may share information that is collected from you or your child as follows:

  • We may share aggregate website use metrics with authorized third-party vendors.(data such as total visits per month, length of visit on the website, types of pages, clicks, etc.) help us evaluate, develop and improve the user experience and services, including performing usage analytics and data processing. We will NOT share personal information including names, email addresses, contact information, videos, photos, messages/comments, or any other contributed details with our third-party vendors, including any purchases made through any ecommerce or inquiry setting, without permission for the user/visitor. We may share information in connection with a substantial business transaction, such as the sale of the services, acquisition, consolidation, asset sale, or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy.
  • Legal purposes. We do not rent or sell information to third parties, but we may disclose information to respond to subpoenas, court orders, legal process, law enforcement requests, legal claims or government inquiries, and to protect and defend the rights, interests, property, safety, and security of Kujo’s Kid Zone, users, or the public.
  • With your consent. We otherwise may share your or your child’s information with your consent.

How do we collect information?

Our site may use javascript, cookies, web beacons, Local Shared Objects, and other similar technologies to collect information about you or your child(ren’s) use of our website and services. Local Shared Objects (sometimes referred to as “Adobe Flash cookies”) are downloaded to a computer or mobile device by the Adobe Flash media player, if applicable to our content.

Other information, such as messages, video requests, is collected through our company’s email address.

Theses technologies are used solely to track and analyze visitor use, so that we can improve your experience, such as recognizing a browser as a previous user and save any preferences that may have been set; to understand whether you as a parent or educator reads our email messages and use links provided. This is to ensure we deliver interesting, valuable and usable content and offers. Plus, it will help us measure and research our success in providing the content and services you want.

We may allow third parties to place and read their own cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to collect information through the Services, including to help us with traffic measurement, research, and analytics. We permit these third parties only to collect cookie information and similar identifiers that do not, on their own, directly identify you or your child.

You may be able to refuse or disable cookies by adjusting your web browser settings. Because each web browser is different, please consult the instructions provided by your web browser (typically in the “help” section). Please note that you may need to take additional steps to refuse or disable Local Shared Objects and similar technologies. For example, Local Shared Objects may be controlled through the instructions on Adobe’s Setting Manager page. If you choose to refuse, disable, or delete these technologies, some of the functionality of our Services may no longer be available to you or your child.

Note regarding do-not-track signals and similar mechanisms: Some web browsers transmit “do-not-track” signals to websites. Because of differences in how web browsers incorporate and activate this feature, it is not always clear whether users intend for these signals to be transmitted, or whether they even are aware of them. We currently do not take action in response to these signals.


What does Kujo’s Kid Zone do with aggregate information?

We may share general use data that identifies statistics of user visits, frequency, pages visited, and products sold or inquired about. We do not share or identify users names, addresses, credit card or other personal information in this data.


Block or Unsubscribe from any emails from Kujo’s Kid Zone.

If you have approved for subscription for promotions, announcements, parenting tips or other Kujo’s Kid Zone  messaging, you will receive a notice at the bottom of every email asking you if you wish to continue receiving such messages–with the opportunity to Unsubscribe at any time.

If you have not subscribed to receiving our emails, and you have received a communications from our email address (, it may be a business related inquiry. If this is not a business related inquiry, we recommend you immediately block the email sender, and/or contact our Founder/CEO directly via email to cancel the use of your email.


Unsubscribe from mass emails.

If you signed up on our site and we sent more emails than you wish, you can use the unsubscribe link to stop receiving such messages.

  1. On your computer, go to your email provider.
  2. Open an email from Kujo’s Kid Zone.
  3. Next to the Kujo’s Kid Zone email name, click Unsubscribe or Change preferences. If you don’t see these options, you may simply block the Kujo’s Kid Zone email address by right clicking, and choosing Ignore or Spam (Choose Block Sender). Any further emails will go straight to your Trash folder.

Tip: It may take a few days for the emails to stop after you unsubscribe from any automatic mailing platform.


Remove spam or suspicious emails.

Removing and blocking suspicious or spam-related emails from your Inbox requires the following steps:

  1. On your computer, open your mailbox (this depends on which provider you have, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.)
  2. Check the box to the left of the unwanted message or open the message.
  3. Near the top of the page, click Report Spam, if provided.

     When you click Report Spam or manually move an email into your Spam folder, your Internet mail provider will receive a copy of the email and may analyze it to help protect users from spam and abuse.

A suspicious email typically asks for personal information. Kujo’s Kid Zone will never ask you for such information. Regard this as unauthorized spam or phishing.

If you see a suspicious email that asks for personal information, you can report the email for phishing.

I have any concerns about the use of your email address or other information, please contact our administrators immediately. Either at randy @, or call 403. 462. 8621.


How do we protect information we collect?

We are committed to storing and protecting information about you and your child(ren). We have adopted reasonable technical, administrative, and physical procedures to help protect this information from loss, misuse, and alteration, including encryption as appropriate.

Please note that no data transmission or storage can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. We want you to feel confident using the Services, but we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit or your child transmits to us.

As well, third party platforms, such as YouTube, which we currently use to store and access our programs, provide their own information and data protection. We are not responsible for the enforcement of or changes to these policies. Read more about YouTube’s Product and Privacy Policies here.


Notice for our international visitors and contributors.

The Services are designed for and targeted to North American audiences, and are adhered to by laws of Canada. We do not provide privacy representation or adherence to privacy laws for other countries around the world. Our storage information is collected and stored in Canadian server locations or other country locations that are applicable, such as for YouTube, Google, etc. in which they maintain their facilities and data storage.

At any time, our service providers may transfer information that is collected from your visit to our website, including personal information, and into other jurisdictions as they deem required, which does not guarantee the same laws and adherence for your personal data protection in your jurisdiction. By visiting our site, uploading information, sharing of videos, emails, etc., and providing us with information directly or indirectly, you consent to the transfer of information to Canada or to any other relevant country in which our service providers maintain facilities for processing by us in accordance with this Legal and Privacy Policy.


Changes to our Legal and Privacy Policy.

Kujo’s Kid Zone may revise this Legal and Privacy Policy to reflect alterations to protection and privacy laws, our business practices, or types/features of services and content we offer. We will notify you via this web page/section regarding additions, alterations and updates so you have the opportunity to review our updated policy before you choose to continue visiting and using our website and services.

Non-material changes will be effective immediately upon posting, however we will always note the effective date of such changes at the top of this Legal and Privacy Policy. Please periodically review this policy, so you are informed about our most current policies and business practices.


Questions about our Legal and Privacy Policy?

If so, please contact us at randy @


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